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In 2013 Mr Stelios Karavakis with a long-lasting experience in the footwear field, created his own enterprise in order to manufacture footwear, envisioning a dynamic enterprise that would obtain leading place in the footwear field, with footwear that will be manufactured in Greece supporting the local society and economy.

Due to his devotion and the love for this business field, that led him to a continuous seeking of new ideas and his obsession to the quality, today, after 30 and more years of experience in the footwear field, the new craft industry “Karavakis Stelios” is a healthy and pioneer enterprise, which manufactures footwear, being put on the Greek market in chain stores and in retail shops but also in wholesale businesses. Thousands of satisfied consumers have made the name of our enterprise identical to comfort in their daily life, by using our products not only inside the house but also outdoors.

The flagship product of the Greek Footwear Manufacturing “Karavakis Stelios” is the sea flip flops featuring a Greek flag on the strap. The sea flip flops are available in many different colours and combination of colours and are manufactured entirely in Greece.

In the new location of our craft industry, Giannitson 79 in the city of Thessaloniki, the personnel of “Karavakis Stelios”, continuously work with devotion in their goal which is: To present a constantly renewed collection, in which the accurate design, the new ideas and the reasonable price will be in combination with comfort of use and convenience.